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Bermuda Golf Tour - 28th June 2018
28 Jun 2018 - 8 Jul 2018

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: Bermuda

A Bermuda Golf Tour, sounds good, doesn’t it? And it is, and that’s an understatement too! The sense of a bygone Colonial era, with Britishness to the fore, complimented by the glistening Atlantic Ocean, a superb coastal setting, marvellous old buildings full of character and charm, and of course a number of quite superb golf courses. Yes, Bermuda has it all, that quintessential feeling of stepping into a unique age, where you can lose yourself in the quaintness and charm of it all for ten days.

Add to the stunning location, one of the best hotels on the Island, the Fairmont Southampton Resort, and seven rounds of golf on the four best golf courses in Bermuda, and the tour will quite simply be one to remember.

£3,995.00 pp

4 places remaining

West Country Golf Tour - 1st July 2018
1 Jul 2018 - 6 Jul 2018

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: UK – N. Devon and N. Cornwall

Playing golf in Cornwall and Devon is always a joy, as the courses are excellent and the coastal settings quite superb. It is not just the quality of the courses though that is the draw, it is the region itself. With its dramatic coastal setting, inspiring beaches, picturesque harbours and dramatic cliffs, there is an ambience and character to the region that is hard to beat. We have based the tour in the wonderful north Cornish town of Bude, and we will play five super golf courses, including Royal North Devon Golf Club, the old links course in England, the East course at Saunton, one of the finest courses in the UK and Perranporth, with its breath-taking setting above Perranporth beach and dunes. Bowood Golf Club and Bude Golf Club are excellent compliments to the three courses above, combining to form a tour that will surely live long in the memory

£1,150 pp

3 places remaining

Lincolnshire Golf Tour - 29th July 2018
29 Jul 2018 - 3 Aug 2018

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: UK – Lincolnshire

I mentioned in one of my monthly newsletters that the Hotchkin course at Woodhall Spa was my favourite course, and if anyone would be interested in playing the course at some point, to let me know. And you did! And so we are going to play it as part of this UK Golf Tour, and twice, and the wonderful Bracken course too, as well as Blankney and Louth. Not only that, we are staying in one of the best hotels in the area, the Petwood Hotel, which is not only high on quality, but steeped in history too, being the former headquarters of the Dam Busters 617 squadron. We will play five rounds during the tour and enjoy dinner and the unique ambience of the hotel each evening. Lincolnshire is also my old home turf, and I look forward to sharing with you, this wonderful part of the country.

£1,060 pp

10 places remaining

Staverton Golf and Coaching UK - 11th August 2018
11 Aug 2018 - 14 Aug 2018

Type: Golf and Coaching | Country: UK – Northamptonshire

The August weekend has proved to be a very popular golf and coaching event over recent years, and as such we take a slightly different approach to the logistics of this weekend. Both myself and Barney Puttick will host the weekend. Clients will be split into two teaching groups in the mornings to ensure personal attention and both Barney any myself will be out on the course with you in the afternoons, mingling between the different groups to provide on course tuition. Furthermore, we will be with you each evening over dinner and in the bar, to discuss any aspects of the game that you wish to talk about. We also like to make the weekend an enjoyable social occasion too, and as with all of the trips that we arrange, the ambience created off the driving range and course, is just as important as the benefits of the actual golf and coaching side of the weekend.

£485.00 pp

14 places remaining

Staverton Golf and Coaching UK - 25th August 2018
25 Aug 2018 - 28 Aug 2018

Type: Golf and Coaching | Country: UK – Northamptonshire

Playing good consistent golf involves far more than technique alone, albeit, without sound technique, hitting golf shots with consistency is not likely.
There is a time to concentrate on technique and a time to understand how to make the best use of it on the course. Combining technique and an understanding of your golf game however, makes for playing your best and most consistent golf. We should never forget why we play either - enjoyment!

£485.00 pp

12 places remaining

Shropshire Golf Tour - 10th September 2018
10 Sep 2018 - 14 Sep 2018

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: UK – Shropshire

Shropshire is perhaps not the most obvious destination for a golf tour in the UK, but I assure you that it is a good one! If you are not familiar with the courses, please take a leap of faith and trust me when I say that you would not only enjoy them, but find them quite special and unique. Lilleshall Hall and Shrewsbury Golf Clubs are both super Members’ courses, with lots of charm and character. Welshpool, Llanmynech and Oswestry are three fantastic courses on the English and Welsh border, each with its own very special characteristics. With Llanmynech for example, you tee-off in Wales and putt out in England! Add to the five courses the enchanting town of Shrewsbury and the Lion Hotel which is in the heart of the old part of the town, and we have a super combination that will make for a fine five days in this beautiful part of the country.

£845.00 pp

10 places remaining

Italian Lakes Golf Tour - 29 September 2018
29 Sep 2018 - 6 Oct 2018

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: Italy

Touring Italy has become an annual event and one that I hugely look forward to. Golf in Italy is quite unique in a European context. The Clubs are still very much Members’ Clubs, without the commercialisation that we so often see elsewhere. Tradition, ambience, quality and a sense of it being a privilege to play the courses abound the Clubs, and it is all rather wonderful! And then of course there is Italy itself, elegance personified, style, panache, incredible food, sublime wine and extraordinary scenery. And for the 2018 the scenery of Lake Maggiore and Lake Como are extremely difficult to beat! The tour is based in Stresa on the banks of Lake Maggiore, complimented by a full days sightseeing of Lake Como in the middle of the week. Both lakes have a spellbinding magic to them, probably due to the mountains either side, the glistening waters and the simply enchanting villages on the banks of the lakes, such as Bellagio for example, and indeed the Islands within the lakes. We will also play some of the best courses in the region, as well as dining at fine Italian restaurants and soaking up the overall ambience of this wonderful region of Italy.

£2,150.00 pp

9 places remaining

Spain Golf Week - 6th October 2018
6 Oct 2018 - 13 Oct 2018

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: Spain – Marbella

We commence the autumn overseas programme with a super week of golf in southern Spain, with Barney as your host for the trip.

Staying in the delightful 4-star Guadalmina Spa and Golf Resort near Marbella, two rounds will be played on-site on the Guadalmina North and South courses, with three further rounds at Atalaya Park Golf Club, Alcaidesa Links Golf Club and Valle Romano Golf Club.

The hotel is an excellent 4-star property, with a wonderful setting by the sea and with a calm and relaxed ambience to it. Dinner is also included each evening, which allows for a very relaxed pace for the week. The five rounds are all on very good quality courses, which collectively provide a variety of different challenges.

Although no formal tuition is included in this week, if you would like some tips and suggestions, please let Barney know, and as time allows, he will assist you accordingly.

£1,595.00 pp

9 places remaining

Benalup, Spain Golf with Clinics Week - 13th October 2018
13 Oct 2018 - 20 Oct 2018

Type: Golf and Coaching | Country: Spain – Benalup

We are delighted to be returning to the Fairplay Golf & Spa Resort in Benalup on the Costa de la Luz. For a number of years, we hosted some superb weeks at the Resort, but the Resort then sadly closed due to difficult trading conditions. Now under new ownership however, and following a refurbishment of both the hotel and the golf course, the Resort is open once more and how delighted we are that this is the case. The Resort is 5-star, the accommodation spacious and of very high quality, the facilities of the Resort are superb, and its setting is simply sublime. With the white washed village of Benalup just behind the Resort, both the village and the Resort, perched on top of a hill, look out over the most amazing Andalusian countryside. The setting is incredibly peaceful and relaxing.

£1,725.00 pp

8 places remaining

Tenerife Golf and Coaching Week - 3rd November 2018
3 Nov 2018 - 10 Nov 2018

Type: Golf and Coaching | Country: Spain – Tenerife

The objective of the David Short Golf and Coaching Weeks is to provide long term improvement to your golf game, whilst providing you with the opportunity to play some fascinating golf courses. You will learn the keys that will ensure continuing improvement to all parts of your game, as well as learn how to take your game to the course and how to develop your course management skills in order to play your best golf.

Please note that the ‘Golf & Coaching Weeks’ are not suitable for novices.

£1,560.00 pp

7 places remaining

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