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Posted on 30 Mar 2017

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Tavira Portugal Golf Coaching Week 11 March 2017

Our first day at Robinsons Tavira for our Golf Coaching Week found as at the secluded range to look at everyone’s technique and fundamentals.  Always good for all players to review some of their basics as it is often overlooked and the assumption “I’ve been playing for years so they must be alright!” is sadly not the case.  After a good morning and a good lunch at Robinsons, we focused on the short game in the afternoon. This is the quickest way of improving your score, so it is always time well spent.  I genuinely think chipping practice improves your impact factors on your main swing too, a double bonus.

The second day took us to the course for our first game and see our group in action.  A sunny but breezy afternoon greeted us and there was some good golf all round.  Valerie had the distinction of making the first par of the trip on the second and Les the tricky first birdie on the 12th, which set a chain of events as Simon birdied the devilishly difficult 13th, then Boyd crunched a great long iron into 14 and coolly rolled in the 15ft putt.  A good day all round and Les and Simon took the honours in our competition with a 40pt 4BBB to win by a point.

Day three and we went out first thing and were the first group out on the course, which is always nice once you get over the 6am alarm call.  A slightly cooler but dry day greeted us and I thought everyone did well in the conditions.  We went to the range after play, which was really useful as players could work with me on where they felt their game needed most improvement, whilst fresh in their minds.  We finished the day off with a bunker session and that is an area where it is so important to have a clear concept of what you are trying to do.  Especially out here where there are 188 bunkers to choose from on the resort!!

A day off spent either in Tavira, the gym or more golf.

Day five and the rain swept in and although we did our range session sadly only managed 9 holes and came in.  On the bright side the clubhouse was warm and inviting with tea and pancakes most welcome.

We finished our trip off at the excellent Benamor just down the road.  A terrific day greeted us and after a review on the range and putting green we set about the very sporty course.  I like the start as the opening holes are very encouraging and then as you move into the back nine things get decidedly trickier.  A good day all round with Boyd and Francis triumphing in the better ball event with an impressive 40points.  A superb final dinner and a fun prize giving rounded off an excellent week and my thanks to a really hard working group of players, who were a pleasure to be with.

Look forward to seeing you again on the fairways.

All the best

2 reviews on “Tavira Portugal Golf Coaching Week 11 March 2017

  1. Having just returned from the 11th March Tavira Golf and Coaching Week, Portugal.
    As you may recall, I very nearly booked the Madeira week in Nov 2016 but my apprehension of coming alone prevented me from doing so.
    Well what a missed opportunity that was.
    On arrival at the Robinson Club, Tavira, a warm and welcoming Barney was there to greet us when alighting the mini bus following the airport transfer. He personally showed me to my room and gave me a quick breakdown of the week ahead. All my fears / apprehensions were then instantly allayed. At the welcoming dinner it was obvious that there were numerous other single travellers, all with the same goals as myself, to improve our golf in a great resort setting.
    The Robinson Club was truly excellent, from the facilities, staff, my room and superb all inclusive food and drink (Mainly Radler, cappuccino and Coke in my case)
    I cannot attempt to pour enough praise onto Barney for his skill and ability as a host, organiser, cat hearder and golf coaching professional.
    He recognised my issues / quirks after seeing just couple of shots on the range the 1st morning (He instantly recognised i was a righty who plays as a lefty – sort of Micklesonesq without the skill) and worked with me all week to correct and noticeably improve my game.
    Warming up correctly, practice drills and ideas, putting, chipping, pitching, mid irons, Fairway Woods, Driving, pre shot routine, mental game and in-play course managment – I welcomed making notes every evening to ensure i captured all of the great drills and advice.
    On return to the UK, I was up early sunday to play at my clubs 7am roll up and shot my best medal round with Barneys imparted knowledge and technique ringing in my ears.
    I cannot thank you guys and especially Barney enough and I will definitely be booking up to attend another coaching week at some point.

    Thank you so much


  2. Hi everyone and thanks for the company and the chat, was much appreciated and Irene even found out that golfers can actually speak about something else other than golf ! Excellent week and well done Barney on keeping it going so well. Coaching all good and first medal safely negotiated this morning under handicap so all is definitely well. Barney I did hit a towering 4 iron today but the crunch was actually the sound of my back complaining about this new swing plane you gave me.
    Got some stick about the warming up routine from the guys today but had the satisfaction to be able to tell my partners (as they lashed their balls far into the trees on the 2nd) that “there you go, you should have warmed up”.
    So its now back to the day job of trying to unseat Nicola and keep Scotland open for you soft southerners to visit without a visa……

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