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Posted on 02 Jun 2019

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Staverton Golf & Coaching May 2019

We met up on a gloriously sunny Saturday and after introductions we headed out to the chipping green.  I always like starting the session with some short game ideas, as I feel we can take many of the concepts here and put them into long game use.  We covered the low and high techniques and everyone was keen to try out some of the shots on our first visit to the course.

It is so useful from a coaching perspective to see golfers in real time on the course as we can look at alignment and different situations rather than just range work.  There was some super golf and in our 9 hole, 1 score out of 3 to count team event, Robert, Mary and Wendy rattled up a very neat 25 points.  A convivial dinner followed that evening and we all went to bed hoping the forecast of rain the next day was wrong.

Thankfully the weather proved much better than predicted and in my Pollyanna world if it says there is a 60% chance of rain, it does mean there is a 40% chance of it being dry.  We filmed each players swing and made some recommendations from there.  The drills and what I term “blueprint” swings are designed to assist the player to gain the feel of what the swing should feel like.  The morning finished with some thoughts on putting and judging by some of the putts I saw holed in the afternoon, the ideas were taken on board!  Highlight without doubt of our afternoon’s golf was Jenny’s Hole in One on the 4th hole.  I was lucky enough to see it and with her shots it meant a six point hole!  Here team added a 3 pointer so a 9 point hole.

Jenny after her Hole in One!

Bank Holiday Monday was a little cooler but fine, so we reviewed some swing thoughts on the range and then set about the golfers favourite problem, short bunker shots.  After a swift lunch it was out onto the course for our final round.  We lucked out on the weather again and managed to stay dry.  It was an excellent weekend and after a review on Tuesday, we left to try out the new and to be fair old ideas on our games over the summer.

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