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Posted on 29 Apr 2019

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San Lorenzo Golf Tour Mar-Apr 2019

Although lower in numbers than past years, our two weeks at hotel Dona Filipa while golfing at Pinheiros Altos and San Lorenzo were much enjoyed. The coaching and practice facilities at Pinheiros Altos are very good, and the warm up area at San Lorenzo serves its purpose before play. Personally, if I know the courses to be good, I prefer to play 2 or 3 rounds on a couple of courses than 5 different ones in a week, although I do appreciate others prefer more variety. The San Lorenzo package serves the former extremely well and there are few people who would not enjoy 3 rounds there, while the 27 holes at Pinheiros Altos add variety to the week and is a fine challenge in itself.

The hotel is always well received and the staff quite charming. With a couple of hotel meals included, a choice of restaurants on the doorstep at the beachside Praca and only a short taxi ride to a plethora of others, there is a huge variety of evening dining. These particular groups fell in love with Green Valley restaurant where Joa, Julia and staff produce excellent unpretentious food in a most friendly and homely atmosphere. Despite grander settings and more pretentious service of others, Green Valley was the return to venue of choice.

DSG_Blog_San_Lorenzo_Mar_2019_1While coaching was the main focus of the first week, friendly rivalry kept us honest on the course and Gary and Paula (above left and third left) won the final day fourball from Ray and Fiona still smiling above on the return journey. This was Fiona’s first event with us while I have known Ray for over a quarter of a century!

The second week included an optional hours warm up before play with a little guidance if requested. If you don’t normally hit a few balls or chip and putt a bit before play it can have the wrong effect. It becomes a practice session rather than a warm up. Too many balls are hit, rhythm is lost and the mind gets into technical mode rather than scoring mode, especially if you hit a few poor ones! You should have a routine on the course that mainly involves choosing a small target, good set up, rhythm and balance. Going through that before play and finding good pace on the putting green rather than worrying about holing them, will give you the best chance to play your best. Save the practice for non playing days or at least non competition days.
Steve, (above, celebrating with a Pimm’s) a very sound 8 handicap from Chesterfield is a fine example of that. He had spent a week in Morocco on Graham’s inaugural tour with us, picked up a tip or two, played some excellent golf and was our San Lorenzo champion!



2 reviews on “San Lorenzo Golf Tour Mar-Apr 2019

  1. Payback time 😊

    As ever David was a great host for this golf trip. With a wit sharp enough to burst any pomposity and gentle enough to bolster those of us who struggled to play golf!
    And laugh! I was fairly giddy from all the hilarity. What a fab golf holiday 😊

  2. One of the best golf trips I have ever had.

    Going on my own (Lynda was at home working) is always a bit daunting but the welcome I received and the fun and laughs we had all week will ensure I will definitely return if this is on again next year.

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