• roger hensby
  • 02 Feb 2014
Hi David, Will the Naples side of the trip be the same as in 1993
  • Allan
  • 02 Feb 2014
David Thanks for your blog re the coaching week in Tavira. As I said in my previous email, after we returned, we both enjoyed the week enormously and I am sure our golf will have improved. Mixed handicaps- As you say this is a difficult one to manage as there will always be a variety of differing standards of players. Before we booked I did enquire from Iain what the levels of handicaps might be and explained that ours were 28 & 36. Iain advised that this would not be a problem and that some others coming were likely to have handicaps between 15 & 28 / 36. Some suggestions to minimise problems- Differing handicaps should not be a problem for the group coaching sessions. The purpose of the week after all is coaching. However if the less experienced players are holding back the others would it not be possible to separate the group of 10 / 11 into 2 groups with you spending time with both groups as necessary. Equally I feel it might have been better to make up the 4 balls teams playing golf each day by keeping the high handicappers together and the lower handicappers could then play with similar standard players. Having said this we both thought that Steve , James , Richard especially were extremely helpful whilst on the course and could not have been more courteous to us higher handicappers! I hope my comments are helpful - whatever you arrange I expect someone wont be totally happy with the arrangements ? Best wishes Allan
  • John
  • 02 Feb 2014
My first David Short holiday and what a great week. A pity that most of the group missed the fitting finale when Christine, wheeling her airport trolley at a good pace towards the airport, with her suitcase and golf clubs, somehow failed to notice that her golf clubs had in fact fallen off a few seconds earlier and were lying in the road behind her.
  • Glenn Barclay
  • 02 Feb 2014
I am a keen golfer and currentpy play of a handicap of 7, this would be a banging opportunity, as I am unable to afford a trip like this! Hope to hear from you soon :)
  • nickm2013
  • 09 Sep 2013
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