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Posted on 01 Jun 2015

Quinta da Ria& Robinson Club, Eastern Algarve 16-23 May 2015

By now the 2015 UK season is in full swing and a busy one for us I’m pleased to report, but not necessarily with the blue sky and mid 20’s weather which greeted us and shone throughout the week on the Algarve. Beautiful balmy evenings allowed al fresco dining each evening and as always the new clients to Robinson Club were amazed at the quality and splendid variety of food.

I have sung the praises of this venue several times before so won’t go on about it here. Suffice to say, the 2 golf courses, coaching facilities, accommodation and dining, all presented in a welcoming manner by a young vibrant staff, this venue is hard to beat.

DSG_May-Golf-1From the Beach Club area above, a stroll through the course takes you over the bridge and around the 14th green towards the Robinson Club in the distance.

DSG_May-Golf-Robinson-Club-3 DSG_May-Golf-Robinson-Club-2







The Outdoor pool from the side of the 18th green and the extensive Spa, fitness centre, indoor pool facilities behind.

As usual from the coaching side, while everyone is keen to strike the ball better, it proved without a short game the scoring doesn’t improve much. I’ve said enough in the past about this too and hope that all pupils go home and remember and work at this aspect of their game.

So yes, work away at your swing this summer and enjoy the good shots, but pay heed to rolling three shots into two, perhaps more realistically for the mid to higher handicap, four or five shots into three! Putting is mainly about pace and you need two basic shots for chipping and pitching. One you can push the ball forward and let run out to the hole (the chip) and one you can hit higher and land more softly on the green with little run (the pitch). Leave the one which fizzes on to the green, miraculously takes a hop forward and stops or spins back to the Pros and Category 1 players.

Assuming you have a reasonable technique, the key to consistency with all three is the correct address positions (each different), an even tempo with a back swing and follow through that pretty much match each other in length.

You know, we all like practicing what we are good at and what we enjoy the most, but don’t always pay attention to the weaker side of our game, the part that would improve our scoring and consistency the most!!

Well, that’s the overseas season over until Autumn. There are several G&C weekends and Aaron will be continuing his Academy programme (please see the extra July date added due to his others being full) at Staverton Park during July, August and September. Our first overseas G&C commences 19th September at La Quinta, Marbella.

Have a great summers golf and, oh yes,it would be great to see you at the Reunion Weekend September 10-13, if you can’t make all four days remember you can always do the days that suit. It will be good to see you and by all means bring a friend.

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