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Posted on 13 Nov 2013

Chipping and pitching from fluffy lies around the green.

A chipping tip from sunny SA at Pearl Valley, South African Open venue on the European Tour.

The thick broad leaf grasses were causing some problems!

These shots caused great problems in South Africa where the strong, broad bladed native grasses “grab” and twist the club head even when only a couple of inches long. However, anytime you get in this sort of lie or longer grass around the green this is how to counter act the fluffed shot.

Just as you get sand between the blade and ball in a bunker, here you will get grass in-between, so that requires a change in address and a longer swing than normal for the distance. It is played like a mini bunker shot with a sand wedge and open face.

Take your sand wedge, stand wider than normal, weight 60/40 on the left and place the ball slightly forward of centre. Open the club face a little and keep your hands level with the club head (fractionally behind the ball). Forget delicate, make a positive and longer swing than normal and don’t try and get cute. The club head will slide under the ball and “pop” it up and out. Distance is secondary, getting on the green comes first!

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