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France – Biarritz

Biarritz, France Golf Week - 22 June 2019
22 Jun 2019 - 29 Jun 2019

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: France – Biarritz

We have been arranging golf events and tours for coming up to 30 years. Having researched and planned this tour which was highly recommended by Barney, I am now asking myself why it has taken 30 years to tour the Basque region! We should have travelled here 30 years ago and many times in the interim. It’s never too late of course, and Barney will be hosting the week, which promises to be a quite memorable one for the quality of the golf courses, the charm and ambience of Biarritz itself and the very lifestyle that makes the Basque region such an attractive place to visit.

We have purposely chosen a hotel in the centre of town, the Hotel Georges VI, close to restaurants, bars, beaches and the harbour. Somehow it wouldn’t feel right being a ‘branded product’ hotel for this week; hence the choice of character and charm! The golf programme features five of the leading courses in the area, each course with its own identity and challenge, together with a variation of settings from parkland to links.


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