Jo Mundy


Professional golfer of the LPGA and LET from 1995-2010

Ladies European Tour – 1995-2010

LPGA TOUR card from 2000-2010

1999 – Malaysian Open champion

2002 and 2003 Hassan Trophy du Maroc Champion

After retiring in 2010 to have a family I re-trained as a Pilates Teacher to share my love of Pilates to the golf world.  Having used it in my golf from very early in my career, I realised the benefits to keeping mobile, improving core strength, flexibility and mindfulness.  I coach golf to the Bedfordshire County Girls team and regularly work with Sam on coaching days.


In my classes, golfers can expect tailored Pilates exercises designed to improve core stability, enhance flexibility, and optimize body mechanics specific to the golf swing. By integrating Pilates principles into golf training, I empower you to develop better posture, balance, and coordination, ultimately leading to more consistent and powerful swings.

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Whether you’re looking to prevent injuries, increase clubhead speed, or simply refine your golf technique, I can provide personalised instruction that caters to golfers of all levels and abilities.Back to About Us page

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