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Posted on 12 May 2015

Golf & Coaching Staverton Park Report – 1st May 2015

A terrific turn out with 15 clients for the Bank Holiday weekend. This meant as with our recent Easter weekend, Staverton Park resident Professional Aaron Sheppard joint Barney and then working with two groups on long and short game alternatively.  So Aaron went straight into swing technique and video and Barney started with a popular short game destination ….. Bunker shots!

The group all then played 9 holes to put what they had tried into practice and we had an informal 4BBB and I am sure the winners Phreddie and David on 23 points for 9 holes were formally pleased.

Saturday was still brisk weather wise and a good morning with a swap of groups at a look at putting and pitching on the short game.  We all got together for a session on green reading, where Aaron explained to use the fine points of Aim Point.  This involves standing astride the line of the putt and feeling it in your feet, a very natural and clever way of ascertaining break.  Once we worked out the break, we chose an aim point to start the ball on and allowed the break to take the ball.  I had not seen this before and really enjoyed the concept and the group tried it out on the course in the afternoon session.  Some great golf and some further learning curves to experience so all in all a good day.

Sunday dawned with the predicted rain sweeping in, so we decided on an indoor session talking about pre shot routine and also a few mental tips to help our game.  The team liked the 3 shot diary, which is an excellent post round routine, which gets you to think of your best three shots then write them down and recall them the next time you are facing something similar.  It doesn’t take long to build up a very positive diary to use in play.

The weather cleared so by mid morning we were able to resume our short and long game coaching.  The afternoon was really mild and a bracing breeze kept the golf interesting.

At the end of play I think everyone left with 3 shots for their diary!

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