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Posted on 05 May 2014

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Golf & Coaching May Bank Holiday at Staverton Park Report

Our group of eight keen to improve golfers, gathered on Friday morning for an informal chat on our plans for the next few days.  Little did we know that we were to be treated to wall to wall sunshine and the need for sun tan cream at regular intervals!  We started with a discussion on warming up pre round and practice too and we all agreed we could do better at this.  We played in the afternoon and this is an aspect as a coach I really find helpful.  In my normal working week I very rarely see my pupils on the course.  So having spent time on the range discussing the various aspects, it is so useful to see it put into action on the golf course.  Key areas of course management and alignment really come to light and the points we as coach’s can make here, in my experience really help the player.

Staverton Golf & Coaching
One of the highlights on the course for me was long time David Short client, Maria making back to back birdies and seemingly one putting every green!

We focused on the short game as this was a common area that everyone felt they could improve on.  We found by checking on how many shots we were taking from 50 yards and how many putts we took that our focus really improved here.

As ever the foStaverton Golf & Coaching Imagesod in the evening was excellent and the option of just “one more” was taken in the comfortable Staverton bar by the group, clearly to discuss what had been practiced that day.

Many thanks to all that attended for being such model students and great companions and I look forward to meeting up again.


4 thoughts on “Golf & Coaching May Bank Holiday at Staverton Park Report

  1. A great weekend indeed for weather and golf camaraderie. Barney and I were able to iron out a few wrinkles to enable me to get through the ball better, and I will be putting his tips into practice as the summer progresses. His advice and patience are much appreciated. I’m looking forward to the Yorkshire trip in August.

  2. The weekend was great on many counts. Barney is a really good teacher for golfers of all levels and going out on the course with him is really worthwhile. I learned a lot and now just have to put it into practise. The group were great fun and we laughed a lot – very enjoyable all round, I would go again!!

  3. I really enjoyed the weekend 2nd May. Barney is a very good coach with good organising skills. His advice on the course was very much appreciated. Small group, great company and good weather.

  4. Six weeks have passed since the Staverton weekend and I’ve already cut 2 shots off my handicap so something must be working (thanks Barney). As mentioned the weather was fantastic but this was really the icing on the cake. I attended the same course last year when the wather was not so good but still had a great time improving my golf and playing with new people.
    Good facilities, Good coaching, Good company, Good fun.

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