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Posted on 01 Apr 2015

Fairway Bunker Shot – Golf Tips – April 2015

When playing many of the courses in Portugal and Spain, the fairways are bordered by some impressive bunkers, so the chances of you needing to be able to play this shot is quite likely.  First thought when assessing the shot is what do I need to comfortably clear the lip?  Unlike when we are playing a green side bunker shot, the art here is to catch the ball first and the cleaner the contact the further the distance.  To help to do this, I encourage players to look at the front half of the ball when addressing it.  This really helps you strike the ball cleanly and your divot (of sand) will be after the ball.  My other tip is to stand a little narrower than for a regular shot.  This will assist your stability and encourage the arms to swing through positively and hopefully get a result like the one I played at Quinta da Cima, which seems to have tickled my fancy!

Sand ShotBarney


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