• Overview

    This UK Intensive Golf and Coaching Weekend is at Staverton Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire

    While the professional game moves on into the stratosphere along with their drives, and golf equipment salesmen would have you believe you can buy equipment that will allow you to play like the Pro’s, I have seen very little evidence that convinces me, (for the vast majority anyway), there is much difference now to 50 years ago, when I first started teaching.  Yes, modern technology has enabled club and ball design to move on and make life a little easier.   It has transformed the Professional game, although bear in mind that the Pro’s are essentially athletes, enabling them to take full advantage of the technological advances.  According to statistics, however, little has changed at club level.  With a better understanding of our game, a pragmatic appraisal of our game, some practice and application, we Club players will all be better, more consistent golfers.

    And, what about one’s short game?  I have seen many tournaments won from the rough and the trees; Seve and Tiger were the masters of it.  But, I have seen neither win when their short game was off.  Whilst everyone gets a thrill out of a long straight drive, a tidy short game is what makes for consistent, better scoring.

    So, let me help you understand how to make the best of your ability and aspirations. What you really need to do, to know, and how to perform at your best and more consistently.  Sometimes this means a reality check, but in a kind way!  I and old enough and experienced enough to provide it in a very constructive way!

  • Itinerary

    Sunday 13th September:

    – Check into the Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry

    – Meet with David in the Hotel Reception

    – Introductions and welcome                                                                       11:00am

    – Swing clinic with video filming and analysis                                           11:30am

    – Lunch

    – Swing coaching                                                                                           2:00pm

    – Putting                                                                                                         4:30pm

    – Dinner at the hotel                                                                                      7:30pm

    Monday 14th September:

    – Breakfast

    – Chipping and Pitching                                                                                 9:00am

    – Break                                                                                                         11:00am

    – Swing coaching                                                                                         11:30am

    – Lunch

    – 9 holes with coaching (18 holes available)                                                 2:30pm

    – Dinner at the hotel                                                                                      7:30pm

    Tuesday 15th September:

    – Breakfast

    – Check out of the hotel

    – Bunkers and Short game summary                                                             9:30am

    – Break with Question & Answer session

    – Swing coaching with individual summary on range                                 12:00 noon

    – 18 holes optional round                                                                               2:30pm

    – Departures

  • Booking Procedure

    To book a place or places on any of the David Short Golf events, please just use the Enquire Now button and complete the Online Enquiry form.

    Iain and his team will then book your place(s) and send your confirmation details within 24 hours. With the initial confirmation details, will come a request for a deposit, which is £50.00 per person for UK events, £150.00 per person for European overseas events and £250.00 per person for longer haul holidays.

    Two months prior to the commencement of each event, you will be sent an invoice for the balance of your booking, with an acknowledgement of the payment once received. Two weeks prior to commencement of the event itself, you will be sent a Travel Pack, which will include the contact details for David or Barney, the transport arrangements where applicable, the itinerary for the event, contact details for the accommodation, as well as the names of the other members attending the event.

    David or Barney will then meet you on the day of arrival.

    Please feel free to contact Iain at any time with any queries or amendments that you may have.

Price Per Person


The prices include dinner, bed, breakfast, tuition, golf & VAT

For this event we can take:
6 clients

Notes on the Prices:

There is no single room supplement for single rooms.