• Overview


    The Vidago Palace Hotel was commissioned by King Carlos I, who wanted to build a luxury spa resort that could stand alongside Europe’s finest. Furthermore, at the time the waters of the town of Vidago were considered an asset of national interest. The Vidago Palace Hotel opened on October 6th, 1910, the year in which the first Portuguese Republic was established. In 1936, the Vidago Palace Hotel became home to a 9-hole golf course, designed by the famous architect Philip Mackenzie Ross. The combination of a country estate with thermal treatments and a luxury golf course put the Vidago Palace Hotel among the most prestigious European resorts at the time of the Second World War. In the 50s and 60s, the fame of the Vidago Palace Hotel grew thanks to the famous parties organised at the hotel. However, the Vidago Palace Hotel closed in 2006, but reopened in 2010, a hundred years after its original inauguration. This historic hotel has acquired a new glamour and is once again playing a leading role in the Portuguese hospitality sector, setting standards of comfort and luxury for the 21st century. With distinction, as one of the Leading Hotels of the World, the hundred-year old Palace now provides a luxury service of excellence and comfort. With magnificent rooms, superb cuisine, excellent facilities and the opportunity to relax in the modern Thermal Spa, where the mineral water of Vidago, recognised for its exceptional therapeutic qualities, reigns supreme, we have quite a week in store!


    Vidago Palace Golf Club

    The excellent Vidago Palace golf course was redesigned by the firm Cameron and Powell from the Mackenzie Ross original, built in 1936. The course was completely rebuilt according to USGA specifications for tees and greens and has been transformed into a Par 72 course, meeting the requirements of international championships, yet keeping the identity of the original design and faithfully reflecting the beauty, spirit and distinctive sign of the location. Its characteristics include greens and tees at elevated level, strategic bunker positioning and greens that require a perfect view to assessing their unevenness. As a result, the Vidago Palace golf course will both delight and challenge us!

    Montealegre Golf Club

    We travel from Portugal to Spain to play Montealegre Club de Golf, a course that sits in Ourense, just over the border in Spain. This Galician spot is packed with rich history and culture blessed with many religious and monumental buildings, and a spectacular old town. Designed by Ana Canal Montes and Jorge Canal Montes, the Montealegre course provides elegant and striking views of the surrounding area. But we should not let this deceive us, as the course is one of the famous golf courses in the region, which demands a high level of technical ability, although it is a great pleasure to play. As expected from a spectacular club, the course is maintained to the very highest of standards, meaning that we will enjoy the aesthetic appeal as well.

    Estela Golf Club

    The Estela golf course is a true links course, located in a magnificent area and with a climate cooled by the Atlantic breeze in summer and warmed by the Golf stream in winter. The type of grass used, ‘Tifton Bermuda’ in the fairways and ‘Penncross Bent’ in the greens, contributes to create excellent game conditions with good fairways and greens that are both firm and fast. With narrow fairways in the landing areas, there is pressure placed on our tee shot, but there are few fairway bunkers in the course, simply because they are not needed. As with classical links courses, most shots at the greens are open, thus allowing the ball to enter them rolling. Some holes have wonderful views over the Atlantic whilst others have views over the mountains. A wonderful course to play and a great compliment to the Vidago Palace and Montealegre courses.

  • Itinerary

    Saturday 15th October:

    – Arrive at Porto Airport

    – Meet & Greet

    – Transfer to the Vidago Palace Hotel, Vidago

    – Meet David for an introduction to the week

    – Dinner at Vidago Palace – The Wine Cellar Restaurant

    Sunday 16th October:

    – Breakfast

    – 18 holes Vidago Palace Golf Club

    – Dinner at a Restaurant in Chaves

    Monday 17th October:

    – Breakfast

    – 18 holes Montealegre Golf Club

    – Dinner at Vidago Palace – The Palace Ballroom

    Tuesday 18th October:

    – Breakfast

    – 18 holes Vidago Palace Golf Club

    – Dinner at a Restaurant in Vidago

    Wednesday 19th October:

    – Breakfast

    – Non Golfing Day

    – Dinner at Vidago Palace – The Palace Ballroom

     Thursday 20th October:

    – Breakfast

    – 18 holes Estela Golf Club

    – Dinner at Vidago Palace – The Wine Cellar Restaurant

    Friday 21st October:

    – Breakfast

    – 18 holes Vidago Palace Golf Club

    – Dinner at a Restaurant in Guimaraes

    Saturday 22nd October:

    – Breakfast

    – Check out and departures

  • Booking Procedure

    To book a place or places on any of the David Short Golf events, please just use the Enquire Now button and complete the Online Enquiry form.

    Iain and his team will then book your place(s) and send your confirmation details within 24 hours. With the initial confirmation details, will come a request for a deposit, which is £50.00 per person for UK events, £150.00 per person for European overseas events and £250.00 per person for longer haul holidays.

    Two months prior to the commencement of each event, you will be sent an invoice for the balance of your booking, with an acknowledgement of the payment once received. Two weeks prior to commencement of the event itself, you will be sent a Travel Pack, which will include the contact details for David or Barney, the transport arrangements where applicable, the itinerary for the event, contact details for the accommodation, as well as the names of the other members attending the event.

    David or Barney will then meet you on the day of arrival.

    Please feel free to contact Iain at any time with any queries or amendments that you may have.

Price Per Person


Price per golfer:                   £ 1,475.00

Single room supplement:    £     35.00 per night

Notes on the Prices:

Price includes:

– Services of your Tour Host, David Short

– Daily transfers

– Accommodation

– Daily breakfast

– Seven dinners with some drinks included

– Five rounds of golf

Price Excludes:

– International and internal airfares

– Lunches

– Drinks unless stated