• Overview

    Our UK Golf & Coaching weekends are aimed at giving you a more rounded picture of all aspects of the game.  In addition to technical aspects of the game, we will discuss equipment, good practice, practice routines, mental issues and course management.We very much hope that you can join us for what I am sure will be a productive and thoroughly enjoyable weekend.  To book places on the weekend, please email, call or send the on-line booking form and we will respond by return to confirm your booking.

    ~ Teaching philosophy ~

    “I really enjoy our Golf & Coaching events as it really allows clients to immerse themselves in their favourite subject!  I am always looking to enhance what a player comes with, rather than impose a rigid method.  Using swing drills and constructive practice ideas, I feel every player can improve their understanding and then in turn, their game. Seeing this put into practice on the course is the key element to our events, as that is our goal, to improve your game when you play.”

    Barney Puttick


    “A golf swing is like a fingerprint, everyone different, therefore treat each one individually. However, I believe that the golfer needs to understand and instil a handful of sound basics for both the long and short game, and then let their game form around that, to the best of their ability and aspirations.”

    David Short

  • Itinerary

    Sunday 23rd August

    – 11:00am: Meet in the Hotel Reception for introductions
    – 11:30am: Swing clinic introduction and coaching with Barney (Group 1)
    – 11:30am: Short game introduction and coaching with David (Group 2)
    – 1:30pm: Break for lunch and check-in to the hotel
    – 3:30pm: Question & Answer session and practice on the Range with David
    – 3:30pm Par 3 course with on course guidance from Barney
    – 7:30pm: Dinner in Stantons Brasserie

    Monday 24th August

    – As & when: Breakfast
    – 9:30am: Swing clinic introduction and coaching with Barney (Group 2)
    – 9:30am: Short game introduction and coaching with David (Group 1)
    – 11:30am: Coffee & Tea Break
    – 12:00 noon: Preparing for the course on the Range (All)
    – 1:00pm: Break for lunch
    – 2:00pm: 18 holes Woodside Course (All) with Barney and David providing on
    course guidance
    – 7:30pm: Dinner in Stantons Brasserie

    Tuesday 25th August:

    – As & when: Breakfast
    – 9:00am: Pitching & Bunker play
    – 11:00am: Coffee & Tea Break
    – 11:30am: 18 holes Woodside Course with on course guidance
    – 4:00pm: Course review and departures

  • Booking Procedure

    To book a place or places on any of the David Short Golf events, please just use the Enquire Now button and complete the Online Enquiry form.

    Iain and his team will then book your place(s) and send your confirmation details within 24 hours. With the initial confirmation details, will come a request for a deposit, which is £50.00 per person for UK events, £150.00 per person for European overseas events and £250.00 per person for longer haul holidays.

    Two months prior to the commencement of each event, you will be sent an invoice for the balance of your booking, with an acknowledgement of the payment once received. Two weeks prior to commencement of the event itself, you will be sent a Travel Pack, which will include the contact details for David or Barney, the transport arrangements where applicable, the itinerary for the event, contact details for the accommodation, as well as the names of the other members attending the event.

    David or Barney will then meet you on the day of arrival.

    Please feel free to contact Iain at any time with any queries or amendments that you may have.

Price Per Person

       £ 495.00

Single Room Supplement:
£   20.00 per person per night

Notes on the Prices:

The price includes accommodation, dinner, breakfast, golf, teaching and VAT