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Posted on 05 May 2017

Easter Golf and Coaching 15 April 2017

Without doubt this is one of my favourite events of the year, as it signals the start of our UK programme, and I get to spend some time with David too !

We had a good group of 20 between us for , and divided up into 10 doing short game with David, and 10 doing long game with me, then swapping over the next session. In the afternoon everyone could apply what they learnt to the course with David and I on hand. This time is interesting as although we can talk about alignment, which we both feel is  golf’s most underestimated fundamental, on the range, there is nothing like seeing it in action on the course. On the range with a tour stick or mat to help us we can fairly easily arrive in the correct position. However introduce a few slopes, bunkers, trees and expectations viola it becomes a rather different prospect !  The other aspect that a few days like this give us, is the time to review each player’s equipment and look at what additions to their bag could be beneficial. Certainly we feel most players can benefit with adding another hybrid (or an iron on steroids as I like to think of them!) and often another wedge to compliment their existing short game arsenal .

For an Easter weekend the weather was pretty kind to us, as I can recall some fairly damp occasions, and David reminded me of one when it snowed! This Easter we were able to get on the course each day and there was some good play all round . Certainly David’s putting ideas reaped benefits for all the players I saw implementing them! It was great too, that David’s Liz, and my Jennie could be with us too. They help us so much on the organisation front and social side, unfortunately there was no music this weekend for them to showcase their enviable dance moves, however I am sure there will be opportunities for that on another trip!

We closed our G& C weekend with another favourite of mine, a group discussion on all things golf of which as we know there are many. The inner game was investigated, and David’s excellent thoughts on course management and percentage play really improve our thought process on the course. I have been using his ‘ play to the middle of the green’ concept to great effect since!

This was a super group and we really felt everyone left with some positive idea’s and practical concepts to take into the new season .


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  1. Thanks for the instruction to David and Barney. It was worthwhile to have both of you there and I took away some good tips for swing path and short game. Trying to put it into practice now the season is starting. Fun to have Liz and Jennie there too!

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