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Posted on 08 Apr 2018

Easter Golf and Coaching Staverton Park – Event Blog

We arrived on Good Friday for at least a dry start to our Easter Weekend.  As with the whole of the UK, Staverton Park has had to deal with biblical amounts of water.  Unfortunately for our golf there were no trolleys allowed for play, due to the conditions.

After our introduction, we split into two groups with David looking at short shots and Barney on the long game.  A productive morning followed by some of our group venturing out onto the course and some staying for more work on the range.  The rain meant 9 holes for most, however at least we all got some golf in, which was a bonus especially as so many golf courses were closed.

On Saturday we reversed our groups in the morning and were fortunate with the weather.  Everyone worked really hard and another break in the seemingly constant monsoon in the UK, meant we could complete our sessions in the dry.  After a break we had a split of playing and further work on the range.  We certainly earned our dinner and drinks in the evening.

A far better day greeted us weather wise on Sunday, which meant we could review long and short game with everyone.  The course had dried out a little, although still carrying, so half of our group played and some more fine tuning took place on the range. The evening saw some of us watching Mr Poulter make his phenomenal putt for a playoff and then win the next hole to not only get in to the Masters, but two years exemption on the PGA Tour and puts him back in the world top 50, where he belongs.

The groups final morning finished with a Q&A with David and Barney.  Luckily two brains were better than one, so we managed to answer all the questions!  A last knock on the range for a few and fortunately a snow free journey home for most, as the forecast had overestimated the bad weather for our area.

Despite weather difficulties on Saturday, we managed to get a lot done and our students got top marks for their indomitable spirit and willingness to learn.  Looking forward to hearing how everyone gets on this season, with the bulk of their golf in the sun!

All the best
Barney and David 

2 reviews on “Easter Golf and Coaching Staverton Park – Event Blog

  1. Just to say I very much enjoyed my first David Short holiday over Easter. Although the weather was disappointing I did learn lots from David and Barney and hope to participate in another holiday in the future. Thanks for all you help and advice re the booking.

    1. LOL! “Do you know Sheena?” Back op 28.12.17. Am marking Irene’s third card for handicap today, she broke 100 for first time last time. I can now walk 18 holes, have practised hitting short irons, going to try long irons today. Maybe see you later in the year or early next…

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