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Posted on 03 Dec 2017

December 2017 David Short Golf Newsletter

David Short

November, which to me always feels like winter when at home, has this year passed in a flash! Aided I might add by the cacti, desert and canyons of Arizona! I am not a city man and in truth I wasn’t at all sure that I would enjoy Las Vegas, but I have to admit it was far more entertaining than I expected. However, my first ever helicopter flight took me into the Grand Canyon and that was the highlight for me.

From Las Vegas to Sedona, from Scottsdale to Tucson, we enjoyed blue skies, temperatures in the high 70’s, mountains and ever changing, breath-taking vistas and I even met John Wayne! See my event blog for a full report on what was a truly memorable  trip to Nevada and Arizona.






Looking forward, both Barney and I will be in Portugal over the festive period, hopefully enjoying more sunshine.  Certainly the last few years have turned out that way, so I hope I’m not tempting fate!  I will be at the ever popular Robinson Club over Christmas, where, particularly over the three days of Christmas, they pull out all the stops providing exceptional food and festive cheer; ooh, I can taste the goose, wild boar and red wine as I write!  The two golf courses are very good too and we will all look forward to our Christmas treat of a round at Monte Rei, the Jack Nicklaus gem of the Algarve.  I shall then move on to our traditional New Year venue of Vilamoura and the Tivoli Marina Hotel, while Barney hosts New Year at the ever popular Dona Filipa Hotel, where I shall spend three weeks in April running Golf with Clinic weeks.

Iain’s last minute decision to return to Tavira for our traditional January Golf Week has hit the spot, and I believe there are only 3 or 4 places left on the tour.  The El Rompido golf week, which takes place the week before, has also proved popular, and I believe that there are just a handful of places remaining on that week.

This last newsletter of 2017 gives me the opportunity to sincerely thank all of you who have attended our events this year. Your letters of thanks are always gratefully received.  Thank you too for your constructive comments, which are always factored into our thinking.

I have been delighted over the past couple of years to have Barney more involved in the event programme, and he has now become an integral part of David Short Golf.  Indeed he will increase his portfolio of events even further in the near future.  His involvement has allowed me to trim my programme a little over the last couple of years and following a fairly full 2018 I intend to reduce my schedule some more.  The advancing years, they are a pest!  I will host a reduced programme, taking in the destinations that have proved so popular over the years, such as a return to Canada and Victoria Island for one!  The David Short Golf programme will remain as varied as ever though, with Barney taking on the extra events.  As semi-retirement, if we can call it that, beckons for me, then the full working schedule will end in dramatic fashion, with a 3-week tour to New Zealand, visiting both the North and South Islands.  The tour programme is live on the web-site from today; have a look, it is an extraordinary and wonderful tour schedule, that will surely rank amongst the best tours that we have ever embarked upon.

As always I will have the opportunity to give some of you my compliments of the season in person.  A very big thank you for your friendship and custom.  Have a very Happy Christmas and may 2018 be a good one for all.
Best regards

Barney Puttick

Hi Everyone,


Like David, as the first cold snap hit the UK, good fortune saw me in Tenerife for a fortnight with first a brilliant Golf and Coaching at the excellent Buenavista in the north of the Island, then Jennie joined me for a really entertaining playing week encompassing the best courses in the South of the Island. Lots of pictures of both events in the event blog.

Now we have a few weeks ahead of us to enjoy some winter sun (some may say endure) I thought a couple of reminders would come in handy, with regard to our golf.

Due to the colder air, the ball performance will be affected, sadly in a negative way. Basically as cold air is denser than warm air (I knew my D in Physics O’level would come in handy one day!) typically the ball will fly a shorter distance. Add to that our reduced mobility due to the extra clothing and voila we have shots going at least 10% shorter. Ideally the balls want to be room temperature, so keep a ball in your pocket and rotate it with “the cold” ball to combat this. In addition, bring your clubs in at night, cold shafts don’t behave as well and if you are kind to your clubs…..

Still only a month of “enjoying” the winter conditions and then Jennie and I are looking forward to being at San Lorenzo for New Year, with a fun loving group! Last year playing on New Years Day in shirt sleeves was a great start to 2017, so hoping for more of the same for 2018. Jennie and I go away in January for our usual family Florida break, but we are both looking forward to February (not often we say that in the UK) and our first visit to the Land of Smiles, Thailand. This promises to be an interesting golf, culture and dining experience and somewhere we have both wanted to visit. If you are contemplating a diverse start to your year this is the trip. There are still some places available, so do have a chat with our Far East expert, Iain, if you fancy this amazing holiday and of course the chance to meet the man himself.

I have really enjoyed my increased involvement with DSG and each trip is so interesting meeting new clients and catching up with our regulars. Each week has a different dynamic and the diverse players and personalities make for memorable and fun times/ The golf of course is the main attraction and add in the apres and pre golf come to that, along with some stand out meals, we are all fortunate indeed to take part in these events.

I wanted to take this chance to thank all of you that have come on events this year and to my dear friend David for giving me the opportunity to be part of this brilliant concept. Wishing you and yours a great festive season and a peaceful New Year.

Good luck with your golf

Dear All,Iain Tym
I trust that you are well, despite the challenges of the early dose of winter.

It’s been an intriguing period of event planning for 2018. David and I have been working together for coming up to 25 years now, and in terms of locations we have covered most of the globe in that time. When I look back at the tours that we have put together, the venues that really remain vivid in my mind are the tours to China, Vietnam and a tour that we did to Lake Como. South Africa too, but having toured there every year for almost 20 years, they all morph together!

We are working on the programme for Italy for next September, and the 10-night tour will involve a stay in Stresa on Lake Maggiore and a stay in Como. Italy is sublime at all times, but there is something about the Lakes, Como in particular, that is utterly absorbing, and I know David can’t wait to get back there! Details should be on the website in the coming weeks.

This week, we put the finishing touches to a tour that we have wanted to do for so many years, and are now doing … to New Zealand.  To research, put in place and write up the itinerary for this trip; well I just wanted to get on a plane and do it all out there.. but sadly that was not to be!  If my maths is correct, we have probably run 200 golf tours in the last 25 years … if there is one better than this New Zealand trip, I’ll be surprised.  It is a little on the expensive side I’m afraid, but that is primarily because of the travelling around the Country, much of which is by air, but my gosh, if the pocket is deep enough and you can afford the time, please do consider the tour, it is just mouth-watering!

Coming back into the present and the weeks ahead, the Festive tours are virtually fully booked, but if you did want to escape the winter blues for one or both of the weeks, please let me know.  The two January events have also proved popular.  We have a few places left on the El Rompido Golf & Coaching Week and half a dozen places on the Algarve Golf Week.  There are also still places available on both the tour to South Africa that David is running, and Barney’s trip to Thailand, both of which commence in February.

In March we have one Golf & Coaching Week in the Algarve, followed by the Easter Golf & Coaching weekend at Staverton Park, Daventry at the end of the month.  April is a busy schedule, with David having three ‘Golf Weeks with Clinics’ at the Dona Filipa Resort in the Algarve, and Barney hosting a ‘Golf & Coaching Week’ at the Robinson Club.  David’s week that commences on the 14th April is now fully booked, but we do still have spaces available for the weeks commencing the 7th and 21st April.  Barney’s week too is almost full, with I believe just four places available.

For the spring and early summer, we have the Golf Week in Sesimbra in May, which I would highly recommend, David’s divine trip to Bermuda in June, and of course the UK golf tour season getting underway, which encompasses Kent, Cornwall, Lincolnshire and Shropshire.

I won’t get ahead of myself too much, but please keep an eye out for the Italian Lakes tour which will go live on the web-site soon, and also a very welcome return to the Fairplay Resort in Benalup in October, which has reopened having been closed for three or four years.  And one other long-haul trip to keep an eye out for, California in February 2019, taking in Palm Springs and San Diego.

Given that we are now in December, and the Christmas Trees are up (even in Bangkok!) and the turkey, Christmas Pudding and glass or two of port await, may I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

Thank you for your support throughout 2017; it is you that we put the events in place for, and there is no better feeling than sensing a contented smile on the faces of our clients.

Kind regards


Hello Everyone,DSG - JLP

I have also enjoyed all of the trips that I have been able to attend this year and catching up with people that I have met over the years and new clients is a joy.  Like Barney I am so looking forward to New Year and the events that are coming up in 2018.  My thanks too to David as it was 20 years ago that I went on my first DSG Holiday and it has improved my life immensely and also my golf!!!!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, a Blessed 2018 and enjoy your golf wherever you are.

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