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Posted on 18 Mar 2014

Cyprus Golf and Coaching Week 8 March 2014

Just completed my first golf and coaching week of two in Cyprus. The weather forecast had been quite poor, however, apart from a storm lasting about 1 hour on Thursday it remained dry and very pleasant golfing conditions throughout,  albeit at this time of year it gets a little cool towards the end of the day.

The standard of golfer was in general very good, 1 gent off 9 and two of 16. Three ladies of 11,12 & 13 and one a very competent 27, but not for long me thinks! In addition,we had two non golfers for whom this resort at Aphrodite Hills is ideal. The practice facilities are very good, well organised and the golf course is a really good resort course with great views and one or two spectacular holes.

The main lesson from this week is how once people have reached this competent level, faults are often found in grip and address positions when they go off the boil. Put these right and immediately we see better results. Grip, alignment, posture and ball position should be constantly checked and never taken for granted. Of course, having done this we can work on improving technique, however, that usually means no magical change, but taking a couple of points away to work with.

Before you play next, check your fundamental address positions and grip!

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