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Posted on 25 Apr 2015

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Bespoke Golf & Coaching Week 18 – 25 April 2015

This was the second year of a bespoke week run for a group of twelve ladies from the South East. My grateful thanks to Prue for initiating the first group last year following two previous years when she and a smaller number of friends had joined our usual weeks. This year Sue, who attended last year, made the arrangements and our thanks to her for the hard work that I know goes into assembling a group.

We changed our normal G&C format to suit their requirements and I think this will be fine tuned for next year. If you might like the idea of a bespoke week for you and friends please feel free to contact Iain or myself to discuss what we can offer.

I usually coach on Sunday mornings but the Ladies couldn’t wait to get out on the course, so I wandered a few holes with each group gaining “ammunition” for later coaching. A big issue for many was alignment (see my new post in our Pro tips section).

Secondly, in some cases caused by poor alignment, many were swinging mainly with arms and not allowing the big muscles to guide the swing by turning back and through effectively. We need to keep our hands and arms in harmony with our torso. In simple terms – you can only swing your hands and arms as fast as you can turn your body.

Thirdly, my old preaching – short game! For most this was the main cause of high or inconsistent scoring.

Sunday afternoon I conducted a clinic explaining how poor alignment not only hit the ball off line, but how that affects the sub-conscious into trying to hit the ball in the intended direction, subsequently producing poor swings.

Monday, following morning golf, we tackled the short game. A putting clinic explaining the importance of pace and some practice drills to help achieve this was followed by a similar clinic on chipping. There are many similarities here to putting, but please pay attention to differences in stance and ball position.

Our following days included 18 holes of golf (with a much needed rest day on Wednesday, when the Ladies enjoyed a local tour and relaxed fish lunch with maybe a bottle or two of wine?!) covered one or two further aspects such as bunkers, difficult positions around the greens while alignment and various swing issues were dealt with individually.

Through the week we played a daily team competition and on the final day an individual stableford with a twist for a bit of fun, allowing a kick, a throw, a free club length and of course we had to include a couple of Mulligans. We often hear ladies can’t throw but I never thought I would see the day where a mulligan was used following a poor throw!!

The final result was very close, Vicky won with 37 pts from Jenny 36, who beat Carol on the back nine. Helen won best 9 hole score with a magnificent 22, Carol won closest the pin on the 2nd and Vicky at the 17th. In the team events Lynda finished in the winning team on all 3 occasions and Pauline twice.

DSG Algarve April 2015
Above – Our winner Vicky on the right sitting next to the prolific team winner Lynda and Pauline far left discussing the days play with organiser, Sue
DSG Algarve Winner April 2015
From the left R/up Jenny, 22 pt Helen and 3rd place/nearest pin Carol.

This might all sound a bit frivolous, but rest assured great attention was payed all week to the coaching, a bit of light relief never hurts and there was great ingenuity shown in the use of theses rules. After all there is plenty of serious golf to come throughout the summer and often too serious I fear. Dare I say, a slightly lighter approach would benefit many a club golfer.

DSG Algarve April 2015
And the whole group in familiar pose with the gin bottle to the fore!!

Thank you ladies for your support, keenness to learn and making my job a pleasure.

Best regards


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