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August Bank Holiday Golf and Coaching 2017

Well! What can I say about 3 days wall to wall sunshine, temperatures in the mid 20’s on a bank holiday golf and coaching? 11 lovely ladies and one stoic man – unique experience in every way! Yes, unusually, 11 of the 12 were ladies ranging from 10 to 36 handicap and also unusual these days, 8 first timers.

It is always good to see people return to move forward with their golf, or to be pushed back on track. I say it often, but we should never feel foolish about the same faults reappearing. It seems our DNA gives us a unique way of swinging the club and we either exaggerate new moves or mostly slip back to “our way of swinging”. It is best to leave alone the things that may not be perfect but repeat and do little harm, while eliminating the troublesome moves, at least until they reappear! To eradicate them completely takes hours and hours of practice and even then, they probably lurk in the shadows and jump out and bite us from time to time. The trick is to recognise the faults reappearing (certain bad shots will tell you) and have a few practice drills that are the antidote.

When dealing with new pupils it is a challenge for them and me. I have to get to know them, their game and aspirations and they have to get to know me, and importantly, understand why I am asking them to make changes. The difference between 3 or 4 days immersion as oposed to the half hour lessons, is that I have time to get the message over and they have time to get a feel and understanding of how to progress in the future.

It was a really pleasant few days at Staverton and I was particularly pleased that these ladies took on board the fact that having worked at their game in the mornings, 9 holes in the afternoon was enough golf. Too often I see people insisting on playing 18 everyday and are then so tired that it becomes very difficult to gain full benefit. So, a big thank you and very well done all.

Hope to see you soon.


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