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Posted on 25 Apr 2015

Alignment – Golf Tips – April 2015

Your car won’t drive too straight with wheels aiming in the wrong direction and neither will your ball if you are!!

I don’t want to go into cause and effect here, but trust me, this is such an important part of the set up.

We want club head square to target and toes,knees,hips and shoulders parallel.

When you are practicing your swing you should ALWAYS have two clubs or alignment sticks on the ground. This way you know you are aligned correctly so any off line shots are caused by other faults in your grip and posture or the swing( always check grip, posture and alignment is correct before messing with your swing.) However, I know on the course you can’t do this so you must learn a routine to get in line.

I believe the biggest mistake most golfers make is that they try and align their body first. It is difficult to stand side on to the ball and stand parallel. Most people aim too far right and I think this is because they know shoulders should be on line and they first of all try and aim the shoulders at the target instead of parallel. Secondly, they look over their shoulder instead of through the ball and down the intended line of flight.

You must first aim your club face at the target. Most good players choose a mark a few inches in front of the ball they know is on line to the target and then square the club face to that, followed by aligning the body at right angles to the club face and ball target line. Try this…

Put a tee peg in the ground 12 to 24 inches in front of the ball on your target line.

Aim the club face at the tee peg.

Put your right foot at right angles to the club face. This in effect gives you an imaginary T square.

Place your left foot next to your right ( feet together) Then open your feet to shoulder width ensuring the ball is positioned correctly for the appropriate club.

This all assumes you have aimed your club head correctly – easy you might think – my experience is most people aim it to the right even when they think it is through the mark on the ground!

So check you know what a square club face is and go through this routine with clubs set parallel at your feet on the ground. Learn the routine and use it every shot. With practice it takes only two or three seconds.



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