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Posted on 30 Jan 2015

Algarve Golf & Coaching 17-24 Jan 2015

The first Golf & Coaching event of 2015 was attended by 11 people who, once more to a person, sang the praises of the Robinson Club. While the weather was a little cool, mainly due to north winds, apart from heavy rain on Tuesday (we simply cancelled this day swapping over the free day) compared to the UK it was summer time! Indeed the last couple of days saw shorts and T shirts the order of the day again.

This is the time of year to set yourself a goal for the coming season and take a golfing MOT.

Maybe you are deciding to get back into golf or this is the year to make some strides forward, or simply its a time to check some basics do a little work at the range and be prepared for when the season gets underway at your club. Whatever your ambitions do a bit of work now, set your goals and stick with them so when the season starts you can turn your attention to scoring and course management rather than have a head full of swing thoughts.

On this first G&C event whilst we certainly made a small swing change or two, the stand out feature was the importance of posture and alignment – vital if you want to swing consistently. Two good cases in point were two people from opposite ends of the scale.

Mike, a very competent 10 handicap looking to get back into single figures. Mike plays with a small well controlled fade but had let his posture get sloppy and drifted into a very open stance. Simply squaring up and taking a more athletic posture is going to allow his already competent swing to operate more consistently.

DSG Golf Tips
Mike demonstrating his adjusted alignment and posture.


While Vicky 12 months into golf and coming into golf from tennis is already playing off 33 but with many of her tennis traits showing through. A small change of grip (which probably felt massive to her), a much improved set up and posture and, come Friday, with a little more of the golfers swing and a little less of the tennis players hit, her swing and hand action was markedly changed without too much thought to swing mechanics.

Chris, a competent 17 h’cap told me a tale of his wild driving and that was quickly brought under control by adjusting his shoulder alignment.

A sound address position is to your swing like the fuel in your car – neither work well without it. And think on this; While the cold inclement weather is with us you can practice your grip, stance and posture in the warmth of your home! If when the new season arrives you can confidently step up to the ball in a sound position with every club in your bag, I’ll guarantee a more consistent performance!

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