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Cyprus Golf & Coaching Week 8th Mar 2014

Iain and David,

Just writing to say I had a fab time last week.I know the weather was a bit rubbish but I have to acknowledge that is out with your control.  However, it was not as bad as we were expecting and we managed to get a lot of golf in!!!

Hit tooooo many balls according to the boss.  Have attached a few photos in case you want them for your blog. Or we may even get David tweeting!!! Yea…right!

Just had a follow up lesson with my pro David – so he could get my homework back from you and he was in total agreement with all your interference! So onwards – will tweet (if) when I make it to single figures so do keep following!!!

And as Arnie said…’I’ll be back!’

No doubt you have had a brilliantly warm week in Cyprus this week…don’t answer. I am just about to light the fire here! Thank you for all your organising, patience, skills and good humour.

See you soon hopefully


18 Mar 2014

Tavira Golf Week 25 Jan 2014

We had a great time with a great group and a perfect (as always) host – looking forward to returning in May (a good time to take a holiday David?!)

Colin & Debbie
20 Feb 2014

Tavira Golf & Coaching Week 18 Jan 2014

My first David Short holiday and what a great week. A pity that most of the group missed the fitting finale when Christine, wheeling her airport trolley at a good pace towards the airport, with her suitcase and golf clubs, somehow failed to notice that her golf clubs had in fact fallen off a few seconds earlier and were lying in the road behind her.

7 Feb 2014

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our golf holiday.

Hi David

The girls all got back safely … Caroline was still limping badly.

I suppose you had to see this to find it as funny as I did, but to see Christine pushing her airport trolley with her case and golf bag on it from the bus to the airport, and then to see the golf bag fall off and her not even notice it as she sped on, with it lying in the middle of the road was something special. I have seen it done with a hand bag falling off but it takes someone exceptional like Christine to do it with a golf bag!!!!   If I had a camera it was a cert £250 from You’ve Been Framed.

See you soon



I call that a result! January 2014

My first David Short was in 1998 in Spain with my husband and 2 friends. I had completely given up on golf and found it stressful as I could not play anywhere remotely near my handicap. David quietly sorted out the problem and set me back on the road to having fun and enjoying golf.

Since then we have been on 20 holidays, made lots of new friends and my current handicap is 14 – I call that a result!


6th Jan 2014


Congratulations on your new website, very clear and concise.

Having just finished the Christmas and New Year golf trips (2013/14) I just thought whilst it’s fresh in my mind to say what an excellent ( as usual ) trip I have had. The company was great and the golf was exceptional, I particularly liked the Christmas having being amongst the winners.

Once again your organisation was excellent, I have been coming on various events with you now for some ten years and things just keep getting better and long may it continue

All the very best for 2014 to you all

Don Edgar

4th Jan 2014

Thank you so much! September 2013

Hi David
Just wanted to let you know that your decision on Barney was the best!

He is great, totally gets me and his belief and investment in me has given me so much confidence which has helped me as much generally as it has my golf. I’m really improving and feel really happy!

He is so similar to you, you guys virtually say the same things! It’s like having you there too!

So thank you so much! And I hope things with you are well.


15th Nov 2013

Easter 2013 at Staverton

Hi David,

We hope you are well.

What a lovely summer after a freezing Easter!

However it was worth the suffering  –  the lessons have certainly borne fruit and we thought you might like to know.

I had a hole in one on the 17th at Killiow recently, M and I won the Family Foursomes Trophy at Masham and M has reduced her handicap by 2 shots after a round of 66 and has just won the final of the Ladies’ Knockout Trophy.

The down side is we’ll have to get spruced up for Trophy Night in November!

Thanks for all your help.

We hope we may be able to meet up again next Spring.

Take care.

Best Wishes
A and M

9th September 2013

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