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Ode to David May 2014

What a wonderful week we have had
Tho our golf has been both good and bad-
On tour with the girls
So glamorous in pearls
We have driven poor David half mad.

We’ve struggled to improve our grips,
Our bunker play, putting and yips.
Our stance in address
Was a bit of a mess
Until David said Turn Your Hips!

He’s flattened or sharpened our strokes
He’s cured us of pushes and pokes.
“Weight on the LEFT leg”
He will desperately beg,
Laughing politely at our little jokes.

The rhythm and pace is tick tock-
If the ball’s in the hole, that’s a shock!
But out of the sand
One must use the hand
With a flick of the wrist ,and a cock.

Thank you David: the Only, the One
In this Deutschland under the sun.
And of course thanks to Prue
For selecting the few
Who’ve made learning and playing such fun!

Rachel – May 2014

Excellent week at La Cala May 2014

Dear Iain,

Thank you to all for an excellent week at La Cala,-fingers crossed the new skills from sunny Spain will translate into dazzling results on the greens in bonny Scotland!

Hopefully there will be another Scottish venue added to your tour list at some point, perhaps Archerfield, North Berwick of other stunning East Lothian options, with your excellent organisational skills and attention to detail I feel sure you would be able to pre-arrange the sunny weather option too!

Kind regards


Excellent Golf Academy May 2014

Dear Aaron

I just wanted to thank you again for what I consider to be an excellent weekend’s golf tuition at the Golf Academy. As I said at the time I think your approach to coaching and tuition is highly effective because it helps us to understand the basic principles and rationale for what we do and how to do it and then apply it in our own individual ways rather than try to make us all be the same.

Since returning I have been playing practice rounds and noticed immediate improvements:

  • Most important of all is the “take-away” which has improved my ball striking to be more consistent – even with my “ante-deluvian” clubs!
  • Best improved is my bunker play – by following your guidance in terms of the principles I have consistently splashed out of bunkers
  • What I need to practice more on is chip and run and chipping/lobbing where I need more confidence
  • My driving is straighter and more consistent and my fairway iron shots are also improved – I am hitting a 3 wood straight and miles!

I look forward to staying in contact with you and possibly repeating this tuition experience.

With many thanks for a highly  personalised and effective weekend of coaching.

All the best

5th May 2014

Golf Academy April 2014

Hi Aaron

Thanks for sending these, and very much appreciated your comments on my swing / motion. I played Golf at Devere Bolton Woods on Monday taking into account of what you said and noticed much different outcome from my drives … a different feel and aware of my head position on my downswing.

Thanks again off everything and I’m pleased that we met last weekend . I’ll like to keep in touch and possibly see you from find to time.

Best wishes

30th April 2014

Best Weekend of Golf Teaching April 2014

Hi Aaron,
I realise now how much I need to improve on my swing path. It’s been the best weekend of teaching I’ve had thanks to you and hope my golf will improve from now on. I’m glad to say that the lob shot worked for me on Monday at Belton Woods. On  one long par five hole I drove, hit two three woods and then lobbed in over the bunker for a birdie 4 . I’m sure you will say “not bad”.
Look forward to seeing you again soon. My swing will be different next time.
30th April 2014

Testimonials – Golf Holidays Cyprus March 2014

A great week in a resort that we really enjoy. Thanks David. Look forward to meeting up again.

24 Mar 2014

Cyprus Golf & Coaching Week 8th Mar 2014

Iain and David,

Just writing to say I had a fab time last week.I know the weather was a bit rubbish but I have to acknowledge that is out with your control.  However, it was not as bad as we were expecting and we managed to get a lot of golf in!!!

Hit tooooo many balls according to the boss.  Have attached a few photos in case you want them for your blog. Or we may even get David tweeting!!! Yea…right!

Just had a follow up lesson with my pro David – so he could get my homework back from you and he was in total agreement with all your interference! So onwards – will tweet (if) when I make it to single figures so do keep following!!!

And as Arnie said…’I’ll be back!’

No doubt you have had a brilliantly warm week in Cyprus this week…don’t answer. I am just about to light the fire here! Thank you for all your organising, patience, skills and good humour.

See you soon hopefully


18 Mar 2014

Tavira Golf Week 25 Jan 2014

We had a great time with a great group and a perfect (as always) host – looking forward to returning in May (a good time to take a holiday David?!)

Colin & Debbie
20 Feb 2014

Tavira Golf & Coaching Week 18 Jan 2014

My first David Short holiday and what a great week. A pity that most of the group missed the fitting finale when Christine, wheeling her airport trolley at a good pace towards the airport, with her suitcase and golf clubs, somehow failed to notice that her golf clubs had in fact fallen off a few seconds earlier and were lying in the road behind her.

7 Feb 2014

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our golf holiday.

Hi David

The girls all got back safely … Caroline was still limping badly.

I suppose you had to see this to find it as funny as I did, but to see Christine pushing her airport trolley with her case and golf bag on it from the bus to the airport, and then to see the golf bag fall off and her not even notice it as she sped on, with it lying in the middle of the road was something special. I have seen it done with a hand bag falling off but it takes someone exceptional like Christine to do it with a golf bag!!!!   If I had a camera it was a cert £250 from You’ve Been Framed.

See you soon



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