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Italian Lakes Golf Tour - 29 September 2018
29 Sep 2018 - 6 Oct 2018

Type: Escorted Golf Tours | Country: Italy

Touring Italy has become an annual event and one that I hugely look forward to. Golf in Italy is quite unique in a European context. The Clubs are still very much Members’ Clubs, without the commercialisation that we so often see elsewhere. Tradition, ambience, quality and a sense of it being a privilege to play the courses abound the Clubs, and it is all rather wonderful! And then of course there is Italy itself, elegance personified, style, panache, incredible food, sublime wine and extraordinary scenery. And for the 2018 the scenery of Lake Maggiore and Lake Como are extremely difficult to beat! The tour is based in Stresa on the banks of Lake Maggiore, complimented by a full days sightseeing of Lake Como in the middle of the week. Both lakes have a spellbinding magic to them, probably due to the mountains either side, the glistening waters and the simply enchanting villages on the banks of the lakes, such as Bellagio for example, and indeed the Islands within the lakes. We will also play some of the best courses in the region, as well as dining at fine Italian restaurants and soaking up the overall ambience of this wonderful region of Italy.

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